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How to edit the popup section

There are 5 Popup category to the DiviPro child theme. which effect you like you need to copy that section and paste it to your page.

Copy, paste module is a Divi’s fantastic feature. Sam Munoz  wrote a fantastic tutorial about it. You diffintely need to check it out if you don’t know how to use this.

After pasting the section please go to the Divi wireframe view ( bottom left side of the Divi visual builder ). Here you will find the popup row. This row contains all popup item. Edit the content here.


Divipro Popup Form

If you want to add the another Divi row please make sure you need to add a custom class dizo_popup_form to the CSS CLASS section under the Advanced tab.


Divipro popup row

Advanced option

There are 5 popup Category. All Popup has different class name

  1. Video Popup ( dizo_video_popup )
  2. Form Popup ( dizo_popup_form )
  3. Map Popup ( dizo_map_popup )
  4. Menu Popup (dizo_popup_form_menu)
  5. General Purpose (dizo_popup_form_1)

which effect you like you need to copy that section and paste it to your page.

Popup settings:

Divipro popup row

Popup Row Container

To enable a popup section you need two things.

1. Button or call to action a clickable item

2. Popup section or row or module

That’s why we create call to action i mean clickable item like button class

And Popup item class. Below are all class name.

Clickable Button Class.

1. dizo_home_2_icon (for video popup)

2. dizo_popup_button (for form popup)

3. dizo_map_button (for map popup)

4. dizo_popup_button_menu (for menu popup)

5. dizo_popup_button_1 (General purpose)

6. dizo_popup_button_2(General purpose)

7. dizo_popup_button_3(General purpose)

8. dizo_popup_button_4(General purpose)

9. dizo_popup_button_5(General purpose)

Popup Section/Row/Module Class.

1. dizo_video_popup (for video popup)

2. dizo_popup_form (for form popup)

3. dizo_map_popup (for map popup)

4. dizo_popup_form_menu (for menu popup)

5. dizo_popup_form_1 (General purpose)

6. dizo_popup_form_2(General purpose)

7. dizo_popup_form_3(General purpose)

8. dizo_popup_form_4(General purpose)

9. dizo_popup_form_5(General purpose)

Dont’s use the same class twice in a page. Then you will see the twice popup in a one click.

Ex: Want to create a video popup.


1. Blurb/Button container class name would be: dizo_home_2_icon

2. Popup Section/Row/Module class name would be: dizo_video_popup

divipro popup button

Popup Button Container

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